Intrepid Hearts

Its finally here! My new album Intrepid Hearts has been slowly curated from the nearly 100 songs I’ve written in the past two years. Its light, its fun, its positive and I’m proud of it. Check out the incredible album art created by my love Becca Rosser! Please share it with everyone you’ve ever known!




Live Album

People have asked me for years where they could find my music. I’ve stubbornly wrestled with my own inhibitions and finally released something. Its raw, its honest, its live, its for you now. I can’t keep it to myself anymore.

The last few years have been bountiful in experience. I’ve written songs as true to the feeling as I could, and there have been many. I began producing videos as an outlet for the music. At the beginning of this new year I find myself with all these honest recordings made sometimes hours after the writing of the songs. I’ve decided to compile a selection and present them to you listen to and hopefully share. Here is my Live Album.