To My Daughter

I was just a boy, barely seventeen
Good fortunate always smiled on me
I had philosophies on life and most of all love
But life leaves its mark on a man while love burns him up

I played a hand and came up a full house
And I made a stand like a mighty mighty mouse
This world is so big but it grows small with a child in your arms
My daughter is a fireball and I’m just the spark

We are taught to think and live on our own terms
But that there are mistruths is the first lesson I’ve learned
I’ve tried to believe in something so I could share with you a confidence
Thats theres reasons for everything but thats for you to decide

Your tiny hands are how I measure time
And the day will come when they fit into mine
It goes without saying that I am now and forever yours
You’re my greatest triumph in this world
Always my little girl